Virtual Piloga Class


A 1hr group session giving a total body workout incorporating the core strength and control of Pilates and the flexibility and dynamics of Yoga. These classes are designed to build strength of muscles without bulk and to give flexibility and mobility to the body. Exercises can be modified to suit all levels of participants to give maximum results towards a fit lean body.

Each Piloga class is carefully designed to give you a whole body workout. The movements work on your core giving you strength from the inside. These deep muscles attach into your spine helping to strengthen your back and improve your posture. As we work at strengthening your muscles, through gentle stretching we also work on lengthening them to give you increased flexibility. We co-ordinate movement and breathing, which not only helps you to increase the intensity of each exercise, but also aids the release of tension and deep relaxation. At the end of each session you will feel stronger, more energised and more relaxed.

All payments are made in advance and are non refundable.