What others say…

“I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Karen for her generosity of spirit and positivity during our life coaching sessions.

Karen is an extraordinarily good listener – well able to pull out the threads of life limiting beliefs from often complex conversations. I felt that, at all times, Karen was rooting for me to fulfil my creative potential. She was also able to respond to my more prosaic concerns with empathy and practicality.

What I have taken away from my life coaching sessions is an increased sense of self confidence and belief in my ability to weather emotional and financial storms.

I would really recommend Karen – particularly if you could do with a boost to your self-esteem.”


– Liz Cooper, London

“I have just completed a course with Life Coach Karen McGinn.

Aged 56 I was happy and getting on with life, things were OK. But for as long as I can remember there was always something just around the corner. I have done all sorts of jobs, raised a family, managed the home and garden, had lots of hobbies and have generally been busy, all the while feeling I never had enough time.

Over a few weeks Karen has helped me put my life in order. All of the ‘stuff’ I did that felt rather everyday and insignificant, I now acknowledge as being important and an integral part of giving us the life we lead. Through discussion I realised that In fact I am content with where I am right now – liberating!

With guidance Karen has helped me prioritise, strategise and achieve things one step at a time. Due to Covid our sessions have been done via zoom meetings. This has been great, you are able to see each other, read body language, allow appropriate quiet time whilst thinking through thoughts, all without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. Karen has given me a new found confidence, contentment and inner peace. Thank you!”


– Rachel Reeve, Devon

I have a high pressured role as part of a health and social care team. Having been in post for more than five years, I felt my career had stalled and this was having a detrimental effect on self-confidence and self-worth. I attended several coaching sessions with Karen. These enabled me to identify the reasons why, I felt this way and take appropriate actions to rectify the situation.

At no time did Karen advise me, what she did do was provide a safe space in which I could voice my concerns and explore possible solutions. This enabled me to refocus  and  draw on my inherent skills and develop a way forward that worked for me.

I found this approach to be very efficacious. In my role,  I often provide support, advice and guidance to others, but found it very difficult to ask for, let alone accept help from others. I am now better able to acknowledge my strengths as well as areas that I need to develop and to approach this in a positive way. This is very much along the lines of healer, heal thy self. By looking after my own emotional well-being I am better able to meet the needs of those I support. I was able to explore this with Karen without feeling judged, an option I do not believe would be available to me in the work place.


– Tony Tschuk, Devon