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About Karen

Through coaching I have successfully turned my life around and now have the life I have always dreamed of. I still have my wobbles and doubts, but now I have the knowledge to deal with them effectively when they arise.

As well as my coaching qualification I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Advice and I have successfully run my own business since 2011, creating my perfect work life balance. I am a trained Style Consultant and I love helping women declutter and revamp their wardrobe. I am a qualified Pilates and Yoga Instructor and passionate about health and wellbeing. I love anything creative and have finally worked up the courage to call myself an artist.

Karen McGinn

"With guidance Karen has helped me prioritise, strategise and achieve things one step at a time. Due to Covid our sessions have been done via zoom meetings. This has been great, you are able to see each other, read body language, allow appropriate quiet time whilst thinking through thoughts, all without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

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- Rachel Reeve - Devon -

"Karen is an extraordinarily good listener – well able to pull out the threads of life limiting beliefs from often complex conversations. I felt that, at all times, Karen was rooting for me to fulfil my creative potential. She was also able to respond to my more prosaic concerns with empathy and practicality."

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- Liz Cooper, London -

"I often provide support, advice and guidance to others, but found it very difficult to ask for, let alone accept help from others. I am now better able to acknowledge my strengths as well as areas that I need to develop and to approach this in a positive way. This is very much along the lines of healer, heal thy self. "

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- Tony Tschuk - Devon -

My Story

I got my love of clothes and fashion from my mum. She was always well turned out with everything matching and always looked great. When I was younger, it was easy to look and feel good. I was a reasonably slim quite curvy girl who could wear most things with confidence.

As I got older, I became curvier and it was more challenging to find clothes that made me feel good. I decided to train as a Personal Style Consultant and through this regained my style confidence. Whilst I felt good on the outside, I still lacked self belief on the inside. So, I set to work on myself, reading multiple self help books, attending workshops and researching personal development.

Through this process I gained the confidence to train as a Pilates and then a Yoga Instructor and started teaching my own unique blend of Pilates and Yoga that I call Piloga. I went from someone who was terrified of standing up in front of people and speaking, to someone who did this for a living.

I have run my own successful business for many years and I love what I do. However, when Coronavirus hit, I took the opportunity to retrain as a Life Coach, which is something I had wanted to do for some time.

I love to create and I enjoy fusing things together to develop new and exciting ways of doing things. So, I now use all my acquired knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to Inspire women to look and feel amazing inside and out. Whether through my Piloga classes and workshops or my unique style of Personal Development Coaching, my aim is to help all women to Find their Fabulous.

Coaching with Karen

Karen McGinn is a graduate of the PURE Coaching Academy

You're Amazing!

I will always support you and never judge you. I will be your cheerleader and sometimes your challenger if I believe that there is something that you are evading that may be holding you back. Coaching is not counselling or therapy, it is all about moving you forward to achieve what you want. We will work in partnership to unlock the potential that is already in you. My sole aim is to help you live the best life possible.

Services Offered:

  • Exclusive Find Your Fabulous one to one coaching, a bespoke service concentrated solely on you and your needs – Find Out More
  • Group Find Your Fabulous coaching delivered through one day workshops focusing on confidence, letting go and manifesting dreams – Find Out More