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"Karen is an extraordinarily good listener – well able to pull out the threads of life limiting beliefs from often complex conversations. I felt that, at all times, Karen was rooting for me to fulfil my creative potential. She was also able to respond to my more prosaic concerns with empathy and practicality."

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- Liz Cooper, London -

"I often provide support, advice and guidance to others, but found it very difficult to ask for, let alone accept help from others. I am now better able to acknowledge my strengths as well as areas that I need to develop and to approach this in a positive way. This is very much along the lines of healer, heal thy self. "

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- Tony Tschuk - Devon -

"With guidance Karen has helped me prioritise, strategise and achieve things one step at a time. Due to Covid our sessions have been done via zoom meetings. This has been great, you are able to see each other, read body language, allow appropriate quiet time whilst thinking through thoughts, all without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

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- Rachel Reeve - Devon -