How Find Your Fabulous Was Born

by | Sep 14, 2021

The events of the past year or so have created many challenges for all of us, but also presented us with many possibilities and opportunities.

When my business was forced to close in March 2020, I was devastated. Lost and unsure of what to do, I decided to find a way to continue to offer my services in a different way. This led me to virtual Piloga classes delivered via Zoom. It was a steep learning curve, not only for me, but for all the lovely clients who chose to embrace the change and come with me on the journey.

No-one was more surprised than me, to find that virtual classes actually worked very well and suited many people more than attending a real time class. I must confess that I had grand plans to create online courses and workshops to complement the virtual classes, but truth be known, I just couldn’t get my brain around the technicalities of it all.

Instead I focussed my energy on retraining and qualified as a Life Coach in November last year. I really enjoyed the training and not only learnt a lot about how to help other people improve their lives, but also how to help improve my own life.

It has taken me a while to decide how best I can really help people, but I am finally there. As part of the training we had to coach people to consolidate our learning and fine tune our skills. 

Working with one lovely lady, it became clear that one of the things she really needed was to organise her life. Now, as it happens, before I became a Pilates & Yoga Instructor I was a Personal Style Consultant, so we set to work organising this ladies wardrobe. In the process I was giving advice on what suited her and why and tips on how to mix and match clothes and most importantly helped her to let go of the clothes that were cluttering up her life.

I realised that I really enjoyed this process and the idea was born. Just as I combine my skills as a Pilates and Yoga instructor to create Piloga, I would combine my Life Coaching and Personal Style Consulting to create Find Your Fabulous.

You can follow me on FaceBook (words I thought I would never utter).



I would like to thank all my amazing clients who have supported me throughout all this transition. 

To those clients who would like things to return to how they were pre Covid, for reasons beyond my control I cannot return to the Hen House or Preston Church. I have embraced the change wherever it may take me and hope that you will find a new path of your own with or without me. Thank-you for all your support and love.

I am so looking forward to this new venture and to help all you lovely ladies out there to…………